Monday, March 26, 2018

Plateau Woes

I'm stuck!

After almost two years of steady gaining weight, I managed to turn the trend around and start losing. I maxed out at 223 lbs, and I've lost thirteen so far bringing me down to 210. A month ago.. and this is where I've been stuck ever since.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I was able to break the gaining trend. I'm ecstatic that I started to lose pounds, I can even feel that my jeans are a little looser, and that's always nice. But I've hit my first plateau a lot sooner than I did the first time around, and I've been stuck here a lot longer. It's frustrating.

I know that a big part of my 'problem' is stress. Emotional stress is a big one, especially when it comes to my current financial situation. For the past year I've been a subcontractor which is always 'iffy' when it comes to timing of pay, and the year before that I wasn't in the best situation living wise. It's not easy to maintain your health when you're working two jobs and sleeping outside. These two things compiled into being stuck in a state of almost constant stress, and holding weight is the number one physical and metabolic reaction my body has to stress.

The housing issue thankfully was solved when we found this house. Our financial situation though has yet to improve, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. All year I gave my 'boss' the benefit of the doubt that things would change and our pays would be more consistent, so that I could afford my vegan supplements and the more costly higher quality nutrient dense foods and beverages that my body needs. Things seemed to improve a bit last summer, and then went for a complete nosedive in the fall.

I had to fire my boss, and there's bound to be a pay gap in my already broke situation, but I feel the weight lifting off my shoulders already just knowing that there's an end in sight. Hopefully this will be the stress relief I need to get myself back on track mentally, and I'll finally get paid like a real person so that I can afford my nutritional needs.


The third stress is a seasonal one. I always tend to gain a little over the winter, and it's definitely the hardest time of year to get any weight off which is why I'm glad I managed to get anywhere at all. This winter has decided it's not quite ready to be over yet, and the cold and rain and hail is a little discouraging when it comes to getting anything done outside. We've had a few nice days here and there, but between freezing my arse off at work all day and the cold wind, I haven't been going for many walks.

Nutrition wise, I was doing alright until I ran straight out of money. I decided to try intermittent juice fasting which was working very well for me. One might think that something involving 'fasting' would be cheaper overall, but given that it's winter and we have nothing freshly growing at the moment, this is not the case. I was spending roughly 15-20 bucks per day on absolutely everything that I was consuming if you factor in the produce and supplements in my morning smoothie, my fresh plant based lunch, and my juice for dinner. Now that's actually pretty cheap given how nutrient dense all of my meals were [WAY cheaper than buying lunch/morning coffee etc], but when you have no money coming in, it's just not feasible.Garden season can't come soon enough.

This is where I'm at, and though I'm a little stuck, I'm not giving up. I just need an extra minute and a chance to power through. Thanks for reading, and your ongoing support! My mission to gain my health back this year will be fulfilled.

have a happy healthy day, stay blessed!