Sunday, May 19, 2013

oh hey!

yeahh... so i'm bad at keeping a blog. but it's because i'm keeping busy!! i probably mentioned some time back that we moved at the beginning of the month.. having our own place allows me a better chance to work out a routine. especially for sleeping... and sleep is mega important.

i have been back on the mannatech for a couple of months now, and i feel much better, more energetic. on slower days i'll work out indoors on my equalizers, but the past couple weeks have been full of yard work, gardening and adventuring.. hubby and i are hooked on GPSgaming, i'm all about the geocaching and munzees, and he found a new one called ingress. that one is a strictly virtual GPS adventure game along the lines of alien infiltration and world domination... but you actually have to go to the physical locations to tap the portals and build/destruct them. it's pretty cool, and Matt walks a lot faster than i do so i get my slow jog cardio.

one thing that i have been focusing on when we play is carrying nothing but myself. literally.. i walk everywhere so it's pretty usual for me to have a bag or a small backpack of some sort. i find that by carrying stuff like that around my mind focuses more on keeping that weight balanced and in place more so than my own self. i forget to check my posture and my breathing and all that.. i literally feel a sort of high when i walk not carrying anything.. so liberating. that's what i loved most about trail running... until my hips decided it was time to stop doing that. i must find a low impact method of getting my cardio without hurting my hips!! so anyhoo, i'll focus on keeping my back straight, my core tight and my shoulders back while we walk around the city hitting portals. and i get to get fresh air with my baby.. good things all around.

unfortunately about a week ago my bike was stolen from our friend's back yard. it's heart breaking because a] my mommy bought me that bike for my birthday, b] it was vintage! and c] i'm too broke to buy another one, and that was my favourite workout. in the meantime, i suppose it's a good thing there's lots of digging to be done.. it's certainly a workout! that and lugging carts of soil home from the market shop across the street.

well that's about it for now. oh and when we moved i left the scale behind. i think i've been more worried about the numbers than i really should be. my goal is not just to lose weight, but to be happy healthy and comfortable with myself. i'm getting there...

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