Saturday, June 15, 2013

a week away...

and a week of recovery. i just spent a week down in the southern states attending the annual international Walmart Shareholders meeting.. what an experience. it was like traveling the world in one week, meeting people from twenty seven countries, and learning about culture and industry all over the world. anyways, while i was gone i managed to sleep 11.5 hours over the span of six days, and i know i didn't get nearly enough nutrition as i skipped some meals and otherwise ate whatever was provided.

another thing i neglected was my Mannatech! i brought it with me, i even had just enough of each supplement for the amount of days i was there, but i just forgot to take them. i was switching bags so often and forgetting them in my room that i totally fell out of my routine. i must have been high on adrenaline and lack of sleep and the excitement of being there, because i have no idea how i was still standing at the airport when i landed back home.

it literally took me a week to get myself together. i'm finally feeling better today, it's 6:30pm and i'm not ready for bed as i have been all week. i got home last saturday, went on the Walmart Walk for Miracles the sunday, and then started with my work week at 7am that monday morning. i have been so exhausted that i've overslept, and hadn't spent nearly any time in the garden. chores were neglected too, but mostly because our attention had to be diverted to a wet basement... we got a lot of rain this week.

well now that i have my energy back and there's still some sunlight, i really must get back to the garden.  i have so much work to do here at the home base and out there in the world, i'm one busy little hippy!

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