Monday, February 17, 2014

fitbit first impressions..

i've been eyeing this little gadget since a friend of mine got one for christmas, and i finally gave in and grabbed one. now that i have, i kind wish i would have sooner. i have tried many other 'apps' to attempt to keep track of my diet and activities, but the very act of inputting all of the data is enough to be discouraging. fitbit keeps track of my steps, 'calories burned', time asleep, and the accompanying mobile app and online profile [that synchs via wireless dongle] that makes it easy to see what i've been up to, and when i need to push myself harder to reach my goals. that and i can see when i have surpassed them, which keeps me 'competative' and motivated to beat my old records.

the online account lets you input everything you eat and drink so that you can keep track of calories [plus fat/protein/carb ratio] going in and compare it to your daily activity and calories being burned. of course, one must be 'honest' with the software about servings and whatnot, and when i do so it really puts into perspective the 'value' of everything i put into my body. that and generally keeping track of everything i put in makes me more aware of what i'm consuming- another motivation to make better choices, especially to get a balanced ratio of everything i need to support workouts and recovery.

speaking of.. i've had to get creative and find another means of working out. it seems very possible that i may have been roped into a gym 'scam'... i pre-registered for a facility that keeps postponing it's opening. it was supposed to open [for the second time] this weekend, but it was pushed another six weeks. at first i was pretty upset about it, but now i realise that i should start small before i get on the machines as i have the tendency to push myself too hard. anyhoo, i'm using this obstacle to further drive my motivation. getting a grip on my fitness level before i step into a gym is a blessing in disguise. between this new little gadget and the numerous resources available to work out at home, i may not need the gym membership after all. although, a little more space to move around will be nice. trail running weather is still a long way off.

that's all i have for this episode, next i'll write more about my Insanity Fit test.. and building an at-home routine that will [hopefully] help me get super-fit inside this tiny little apartment. no excuses.. get fit or die!

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