Sunday, January 20, 2013

a creative path.

walking, running, cycling and generally being active is food for thought. literally. i noticed this at work long ago when sitting in meetings would cause me to draw a blank.. i'd come up with some of my best ideas for my job when i'm out there doing all the physically demanding parts, working up a sweat.

so i'd work hard all day, and come home and try to write or brainstorm for the coming planting season, and i'd just blank out. when i dropped everything and decided i will start running, i noticed some changes in me immediately.

first of all, for the most part the entire time i am running, i have a bit of a smile on my face. it makes me happy to be out there on the canal path, in the fresh air and the sun. it makes me happy that i finally found the strength to fight for my health.

secondly, i have more energy. i don't know if that makes any sense... i'd go to work all day which is like a workout in itself most days, and then come home exhausted, too tired to be social or clean around the house. when i started running after work, i felt like i had more energy when i got home. my muscles hurt a little more at the end of the day, which makes rest time more worthwhile.

that brings me to point three.. better rest. whether it's the fresh air or burning off those extra calories, it makes me sleep better at night. a deeper sleep that is.. i don't wake up at the drop of a pin after a good run and a soothing shower... where i mull over all the good ideas i had on my run.

so yeah, that creativity.. while i'm up there running, moving to a rhythm, i come up with some pretty good ideas. i got thinking on how to rearrange my space to make better use of it. and not only do i have these great ideas, but i have time to think through how i will execute them, and then the energy to actually make it happen! oh yes this is great. anyways.. it's a new day, and it's about time i get something else accomplished. ta for now..

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