Tuesday, January 29, 2013

in the long run..

the weather was beautiful this morning.. just long enough to push out an extra 3 kilometers on my run. what a good feeling. i can't wait until spring.. the northern stretch of the canal path reopens a week after my birthday. hopefully someday i will be able to run the whole thing. could you imagine, me? a marathon runner? phhh! HA! well i suppose anything is possible.

besides getting in my daily run, i had other motivations to get further along the trail.. i'm hooked on treasure hunt games! i've been a geocacher for a couple years, which is lots of fun.. but i do far less caching in the winter. i recently found a game that is similar but a lot easier to play in the snow as you are not looking for a hidden container [mostly], but a QR code that you 'capture' to collect points. it's called Munzee, and all you need to play is an andriod or iphone and the free app... and some treasure hunting/ninja skills.

when i checked the map i noticed there were some munzees hidden a little further down the path, and today was a perfect day to tread the extra distance. i had the day off, so running out of daylight wasn't an issue. i can't wait for spring when the sun is up longer than ten hours a day. anyways, i've ordered a bunch of game pieces myself as further motivation to push a little extra each day.

 i made it a little further than the museum, but i was sure to stop and climb the stairs and check the view from the platform. that and... find another game piece! haha.. yeah, hooked.

i loved this warning... bumps ahead. and they are to be expected on the road to better health.. no one said it was going to be easy. i haven't had a cigarette at all on my two days off. let's see if i can make it through my shift tomorrow without having a single one. going for a run makes me appreciate my lung capacity more, and i never have a craving when i'm up there on the trail. yet standing at the bus stop makes me want one! ahh well, i'm almost there. alright folks, time for a hemp protein fruit smoothie.. mmmmm.

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