Saturday, January 19, 2013

good health starts at home.

it's absolutely true that a healthy environment is important for a healthy body and mind. last night instead of going for a run, i decided to use all that energy to start rearranging my homespace. this involved moving every piece of furniture in my room, and thus was a workout in itself.

i've always been a fan of community living, from hostels and communes to rooming houses, and cramming as many people as can comfortably fit into a given dwelling. or maybe i just can't help it, no matter where i go a crowd ends up coming with me. anyhoo, living in a group has it's challenges socially and spacially, which can cause stress over time if not addressed.

there's five of us [and a little chihuahua] living in a 2 bedroom townhome. it's not as bad as it sounds.. my friend and i share the master bedroom, it's huge, half of the top floor. then there's a couple across the hall, and a dude in the basement. there is plenty of space for all to sleep and have company, but now that i'm inside more often [yay winter] i'm noticing that there is little space to just 'be' for me, which i was spoiled with at the previous house.

on my last run i was thinking about how we could better use the space we have so that i could create an indoor area to stretch and exercise. our room was set up more or less like a dorm room, a bed on either side, shelves against the wall and a row of furniture down the middle to divide the space. we decided to move pretty much everything to free up some space at one end of the room.

..and i already feel better. it will take a few days now to put things back together, but it feels good to organize and take inventory of my belongings. i have a bunch of useful things that i forget about simply because they were not easy to access. art supplies, sewing crafting and jewellery making stuff.. things i thought i lost a while ago haha.. yeah this is good. spring cleaning is here early at the townhouse.. hopefully the weather follows!

over the next few weeks, i will be focusing on transforming this room into somewhere not only just to sleep, but somewhere to relax [besides in bed], somewhere to stretch, to sit and read, to create, to meditate, somewhere we enjoy. this will help to relieve the stresses of the day and to be productive in the process. eliminating stress and proper rest are important for overall health. and expressing creativity makes me happy which also matters! ahh so obvious, and often overlooked. well, i've got lots to do so, that's all for now. yeay blog!

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