Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 10 - the Thirty Day Challenge

yesterday was supposed to be my rest day in PiYo, but i worked it yesterday to reserve my day off for today, just in case. i knew i'd be visiting with family, making my way to the cemetery with my brother and stepdad, and i had a feeling a hike would be involved.

it was a gorgeous day. lots of sun, just the right breeze. i started right with the Shakeology, and packed it up into 250ml mason jars so i could take it with me. not gonna lie, i'm surprised at how long it keeps me full for. in fact, i was fully expecting it to be like every other shake i've tried that says it'll keep you full, but this stuff is for real! sometimes i can't even finish the last few sips.

anyways, after visiting mom, we dropped off my stepdad at home in Niagara and decided to venture to Queenston to do a little heritage walk and find the farm house that our family lived in before and during the war. our hike involved the path of endless stairs down the side of the escarpment, and the winding path to get back up. no problem passing the 10,000 step mark today, fitbit says we even did 16 flights of stairs on our journey. neat!

tomorrow, back into the PiYo!

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