Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day 9 - the Thirty Day Challenge

not gonna lie, today was pretty uneventful. the first day of my cycle usually involves lying in my bed and writhing in pain, so the fact that i remained conscious is a miracle. today was supposed to be rest day in PiYo anyways, but my lower back was so tight i had to do something.

i skipped right to disk 2 and put in 'Buns'. i had to go a little slower than the tape and i needed about half an hour in child's pose after, but much to my surprise the pain in my back subsided. Shakeology was my saviour today, i likely wouldn't have eaten otherwise.

i even made a huge garden salad! absolutely every piece of produce was from our back yard. a cucumber, tomatoes, some kale and some parsley. delicious! my appetite just wasn't all there. i shared with Matt and of course he loved it.

tomorrow i'll be venturing out with my brother to visit family, the cemetery, and the Niagara Escarpment to learn more about our family history and what happened during the war. instead of today being PiYo rest day i'll save it for tomorrow, and we will likely get a hike in anyways.

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