Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 4 - the Thirty Day Challenge

nothing to see here, folks.

just as predicted, today was a recovery day. and not from working out... from eating way too much at a family reunion yesterday. i didn't feel too fantastic this morning, my guts reminded me the real reason why i can't eat all kinds of food. today was mostly relaxation, a good couple hours of biking back and forth to the garage.

i managed to mostly pull my diet together today, but i had to eat some left over roast potatoes and corn from yesterday. other than that and my smoothies i didn't consume too much. i'm hoping my package comes tomorrow, i could really use some motivation to get on track. i suppose it doesn't help that it's been a rough week, trying to deal with finally getting to bury my mother's ashes months after she passed only to be met with disagreeable situations. and unfortunately it's not over yet, rest her soul.

thankfully i signed up to an accountability group started by my coach. if it wasn't for this i likely just wouldn't care right now, and be gorging on everything in sight.


i know i've said this before and i'll say it again, tomorrow is a new day.

i miss you mom, and i won't give up on myself. for you, but for me really. thanks for life.

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